The Science Behind Essential Oils

The hype around essential oils is real. Moms and natural-medicine gurus alike are turning to homeopathy when it comes to minor ailments - and essential oils are at the forefront of their medicine cabinets. As much as we all appreciate modern medicine, we’re at a point in time where it’s not always the answer. Ancient medicine is gaining its popularity back - and like with all things, history tends to repeat itself. The science and research backs the undeniable health benefits of essential oils - so here’s what you need to know.

  • There have been many clinical trials that include over 10 thousand patients involving aromatherapy, essential oils, and the reduction of anxiety. 
  • During the inhalation process, essential oils like lavender showed a change in anxiety levels, and ginger successfully reduced nausea. Peppermint has also been shown to reduce anxiety as well as help relieve pain from sore muscles. 
  • Many oils also need to be diluted with a “carrier oil” which serves as a base to add a few drops of essential oils to. ANSHI consists of a whipped blend of three oils (coconut, castor, and vitamin e) and acts as the perfect carrier for any essential oil. 
  • Essential oils are different than fragrance oils, which are synthetic and may not be safe to use on the skin; essential oils are always natural.

  • Our Classic Himalayan Salt rub gently exfoliates the first layer of the epidermis allowing our powerful ingredients to go deeper, faster, providing you instant relief. 
  • All of our rubs have more than 10 uses, but ANSHI Classic is probably the most versatile natural medicine since you get to personalize with your favorite essential oil.

Here are some of the ANSHI team's favorite essential oil blends:

Susie’s Blend = orange + cinnamon + lavender + ANSHI Classic. For an immunity boost and relaxation at bedtime try Susie’s favorite three-oil blend.

Janelle’s Blend = activated charcoal + oregano + ANSHI Classic. For an ultra-clarifying facial mask use Janelle’s blend (great for pesky bee-stings as well!)

Alli’s Blend - Breathe Doterra Essential Oil + ANSHI Classic (Alli’s favorite carrier for any essential oil!)

Elle’s Blend = tea tree + ANSHI Classic. To treat stubborn acne, the anti-inflammatory effect of tea tree oil helps to soothe and relieve painful and irritated skin. ANSHI Classic acts as the perfect carrier to avoid any burning.

Viktoria’s Blend = lemongrass + lavender + ANSHI Classic. Lemongrass essential oil prevents the growth of some bacteria and yeast while also improving levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

Lisa's Blend = Sleepy Time Oil + ANSHI Classic. A backrub with ANSHI Classic and a drop of this blend of lavender, frankincense, ylang ylang, geranium, chamomile, tangerine, bergamot, valerian root, and thyme oil is an important part of her kids' calming bedtime routine.  Tamanu Oil + ANSHI Classic as a facial wash; tamanu oil is a terrific anti-aging face wash because of its ability to promote collagen and moisturize the skin (it's rich in fatty acids).

Some other honorable mentions are sandalwood, chamomile, frankincense, eucalyptus, and patchouli. You can read more about the best essential oils for your skin type here.

Now that you’re an essential oil expert, which one will you try next? Chime in and let us know! Check out our most versatile transdermal rub here.


About the Author:

Elle was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her studies at the University of Minnesota involved Environmental Sciences and Sustainability. Elle moved to California in 2017 in hopes of beginning her career as an entrepreneur.  After meeting ANSHI’s CEO and Co-Founder, Janelle Noble Donovan, she joined the ANSHI team and helped build the company from the ground-up. With a passion for sustainability and the great outdoors, Elle plans to build roots in San Diego and inspire more people to live more eco-friendly and naturally. 

You can purchase Classic Himalayan Salt or our other transdermal rubs here.

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