The Art of the Healing Bath

Baths are amazing. While some really enjoy soaking in a tub, others do not partake so much. Still, running a bath is considered one of the best versions of self-care you can do for yourself, and they can be a great tool when dealing with acute illness or chronic illness.

While it is widely noted the absence of specific research into how much of what you put in a bath is actually absorbed - see this article here on the Epsom salt dilemma- whatever is safe is worth trying! The heat and water of a bath alone will help relax tense muscles and poise the body for rejuvenation. When combining a healing bath soak with an ANSHI rub, you can triple that healing impact so you can feel great still hours and days after! See when using ANSHI in a bath the benefits are threefold:

  1. By applying ANSHI a bath you scrub the very outer layers of skin off that are designed to ‘protect’ instead of ‘absorb’. Scrubbing the stratum corneum through microdermabrasion is essentially achieved with ANSHI through the use of pink salt.
  2. With a hotter bath, ANSHI will also vaporize a little and you can inhale the main ingredients for aromatherapy benefits (SALT, ALOE, PEPPERMINT, TURMERIC) as well as soaking in all the powerful ingredients for body-wide relief!
  3. You can also use ANSHI while in the bath as a face and body exfoliant or leave on for a rejuvenating facial - Turmeric is a great facial mask you can wear the entire bath and rinse off at the end. Try our Aloe variety as a mask after a long day at the beach for ultra moisture. So many ways to use a single product!

When you’re feeling under the weather you can turn to a warm bath as an ancient remedy for healing colds. In my home, we face this a lot when viruses hit and all efforts go to staying hydrated and out of the ER. When you’re feeling sick you just want to feel good, and sometimes all you can do is sit in a bath and soak in the benefits. Adding Epsom salt helps raise magnesium levels in the body, which aids the body in the disposal of lactic acid. More magnesium means fewer aches and pains and leaves you relaxed and calm. Feeling ill is one of the most valuable times to understand the power of the skin to absorb rather than protect. By soaking in a bath temperature specific to your needs (i.e. if you have a fever go cooler) - you can create a perfect healing space to support your body to do what it needs to do!

You can use ANSHI in a bath, or the shower, or as a dry rub. See how to use ANSHI in conjunction with a total healing bath.

 Healing Bath Recipe

  • Citric Acid - 1 Tablespoon
  • Epsom Salt- 2 Cups
  • Baking Soda-  ½ Cup
  • ANSHI variety of your choice

Some of our favorites include -

+ Peppermint for cold / flu and post-seizure

+ Aloe of a long day after the sun

+ Turmeric for chronic flares, seizures, etc.

If you’re sensitive to any smell, try just adding our Classic Pink Himalaya Salt variety. Rubbing the salt and fat-base carrier oils all over will absorb body-wide, provide vital fat and minerals to the body, and do so much more to extend the healing power of your bath.

So what’s your favorite healing bath recipe? Chime in below!

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