The Big Essential Oil Dilemma (and how ANSHI helps)

Our Classic Himalayan Salt ANSHI is designed to be combined as a carrier with any essential oil you want. The best way to discover them is to use high-quality brands for purity and look into medicinal benefits online, in a book or through a friend who has a lot of knowledge about essential oils. You can even research essential oils for a specific issue or symptom you are experiencing and find many benefits.

ANSHI’s three other varieties are basically one essential oil plus our amazing carrier blend with Himalayan salt, designed for wet or dry use, anywhere on the body as a rub. If you were to use essential oils straight without a carrier, you limit the power of them by how much you can safely put on the skin before burning. This can be very dangerous and is not recommended, it is important to have a carrier with essential oils especially to be medicinal level. This is why we, ANSHI, exist.

We will use our Total Healing Turmeric variety as an example- it only has 6 ingredients and a blend of two different very powerful turmeric varieties. This is why you will find when you rub it where you have pain or swelling, it brings relief much quicker than with ingestion.

Hope this gives you some insight and you have fun experimenting with using ANSHI Classic with various essential oils.

Some customer's favorites are:

Lavender - for calming, stress relieving and help with sleep at bedtime

Grapefruit - for reducing depression, curbing sugar cravings, helping with weight loss

Geranium Rose - for relieving premenstrual tension and cramps, liver detoxification

Lemon - for mood booster, concentration, hair/nail care, and immune support

Tea tree - for infections such as acne, fungus, and athlete's foot

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