Survival Instincts of Self-Love

The literal definition of self-preservation is to preserve oneself from destruction or harm. Sigmund Freud’s theory of self-preservation at its basis is the instincts we have for life or death. It’s the natural desire we have to ensure our own survival. The life instinct is to procreate and nurture new life, while engaging in prosocial activities that better society, ultimately leading to loving and healthy lives. On the other hand, you have the death instinct which considers the involvement of risky and aggressive behaviors, and in the end are self-destructive.

Understanding how your own self-preservation and destructive tendencies influence your behavior can be helpful for your well-being. The life instincts might compel you to seek nurturing relationships and support. While destructive tendencies might lead you to engage in actions that are less healthy.

What are ways you practice self-preservation? If you have children, you have already ensured your own survival by passing on your genes! Even practicing self-care can be considered self-preservation since you’re ensuring a happy and healthy future for yourself.


Lately, I’ve been practicing self-care and preservation with ANSHI. Last month I suffered from a bad ankle sprain and ANSHI’s Total Healing Turmeric rub was life-saving. My doctor told me I would recover in 6 weeks and sent me home with Ibuprofen and an ace bandage.

Thankfully ANSHI exists. After applying ANSHI Total Healing Turmeric to my ankles and feet every night with socks, I was able to walk normally again in only 3 weeks. This cut my recovery time in HALF. Whenever I start to feel any aches or pains coming on I rub ANSHI Turmeric on and I’m able to go about my day pain-free (without wrecking my stomach lining from high dosages of Ibuprofen every day).

Something to keep in mind is self-care looks different for everyone, and self-care takes the time that some of us don’t feel we have. With ANSHI you can do something to boost how you feel in minutes, on the road, at work, or in your kitchen. Self-care doesn’t have to be limited to just the bathroom. Sometimes it feels we are constantly on the go, so take this healing rub with you so you can feel your best anywhere!



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