Recipe of the Week: Roasted Sprouts

It's Sunday, and we love this week's recipe!  It's brought to you by our New York ANSHI office; they were excited to prepare something fresh and green as the weather steadily turns colder out East! 

Check out this beautiful stalk full of Brussels Sprouts from the local market in Long Island, NY:

TIP: While it's best to prepare them within a few days of purchase, keeping them in a glass of water can help keep them fresh.  

Did you know that, in addition to being especially delicious when roasted, Brussels Sprouts have a ton of health benefits?  A half-cup cooked serving contains 81% of your daily vitamin C needs, 12% of women's and 8.5% of men's omega-3 fatty acid daily needs, 137% of your daily vitamin K requirements (important for blood clotting and to prevent osteoporosis!)  Their high fiber content supports gut health and can relieve constipation. 


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