Probiotics & Prebotics 101: A Practical Guide

Probiotics & Prebotics 101: A Practical Guide

One infection can kickoff a bad spiral if you aren’t careful about your gut health. I should know, it happened to my now 6-year-old almost a year and a half ago. E-Coli turned into Sepsis, which turned into CDiff, and many more infections later (immune compromised and gut-health ruined) we are just finally coming up for air.  For more information and perspectives via Autism Parenting Magazine, click here.

Here at ANSHI we believe resting the gut (and using topical and transdermal medicine!) when possible is key.  We need a break from supplements, natural oral medications, and prescribed medications. We all take too many. So replacing with a product like ANSHI where and when you can promote deeper and lasting healing for a wide-array of pesky illnesses and harder to treat diseases.

But alas, sometimes, you need the medications, sometimes you have the chronic issues. And sometimes your gut needs help.

Supporting your gut better for some is an everlasting journey. For others, a sinus infection or ear infection can mean taking oral antibiotics that throw your gut into disarray. With children, it is even more important to be mindful of frequent infections and antibiotics, as our 2018 recap post highlights the research and science into how the gut impacts the brain is just starting to heat up. Promoting and supporting overall gut health in our kids is foundational to spurring overall development neurologically. Enough said.

So, where does one begin? So many probiotics and prebiotics are out there on the market. It can be overwhelming.  What are prebiotics even and do you need them? If you find yourself in a chronic illness situation or bad acute antibiotic run, here are our top picks for the best probiotics out there as well as the best prebiotics. We chose these after over a year of research and trial and error and lots of great advice from doctors, dieticians, and friends. And we are excited to share them with you today!


According to WebMD probiotics are, “Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you, especially your digestive system.” If you want to try probiotics, quality matters, but also your situation. So we break them up into two groupings….


Pathogens, immune compromised? These are for you. And your insurance should pay for them! Talk to your doctors or specialist about getting the right support for your chronic illnesses that impact your gut’s microbiome.


On antibiotics for a sinus infection? Try these! Lots of good research on their website into why these guys are getting it right! 


Of course, always when possible try to diversify your gut bacteria through diet and food. Koreans get this, and taking yourself out or making your own Kimchi can be a great way to introduce new bacteria to your gut. Making your own fermented foods (kefir, pickled anything)  if your crafty and have the time also helps.


According to WedMD, prebiotics “Prebiotics are non-digestible ingredients in foods used to spur the growth of probiotic bacteria in the body.”

If you are at a point of buying or getting prescribed probiotics, you should feed them. Makes sense huh? There are more and more options out there for prebiotics than ever before, but these are our top picks.

Natural Prebiotics: Basil, Garlic, Leeks, Jicama, Apples to name a few!

What did we miss? Do you have a strong opinion about what your gut health regime? Chime off in the comments!

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