Peppermint ANSHI for Shifting Emotional States

Written by Kayla Karesh

As a mental health practitioner, one of the most important things I can do on a daily basis is to help transition moments of distress into spaces of mindfulness. For me personally, these moments seem to peak around the three o’clock hour each afternoon when the anxiety of what I have not yet accomplished on my list for the day merges with the upcoming needs of the evening and I am forced to make prioritization decisions that can leave me temporarily stymied.

Rather than get caught up in a space of indecisive angst, I open the jar of ANSHI Peppermint that lives on my desk and gently rub it on my temples and under my nose to immediately transition my mood, invigorate my mind, and help me refocus.

Likewise, ANSHI Nurturing Peppermint can be a helpful tool for the clients I serve who need to shift gears in the moment, out of unhelpful ruminative states. I might be sitting with someone who is processing grief, unpacking painful experiences, or needing to shift back to daily responsibilities after considering heavy feelings.

Simply inviting clients to open a jar, hold it under the nose for a moment, and breathe deeply can bring about a shift that can facilitate movement in a moment of distress. Dabbing a bit on the wrists can carry that feeling forward into the next hour of the day, serving as a fragrant reminder of the strength and power of transition.


About the Author


We would like to thank Kayla Karesh, LMFT, ATR, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Art Therapist whose practice focuses on holistic health. 

Kayla specializes in overseeing the comprehensive treatment of eating disorders, serious mental illness, and substance use disorders in settings that emphasize the role of the family system. She is exceedingly proud to be part of building a culture of community that embodies core values on a daily basis and lovingly brings inspiration and healing to those with complex diagnoses.


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