Must-See Healing Documentaries

Sometimes life throws wild cards at us that we have no idea how to handle. This has happened to me a lot during the past few years. I mean, honestly, before my daughter Raegan's Rett Syndrome diagnosis I knew nothing of the world of medicine. I had never spent time in hospitals. No one I personally knew had suffered from chronic illness.

All of a sudden I was thrown into a job I didn’t have training or education for – being Mom to a medically fragile kid. I didn’t have time to sit down and read – it freaked me out how much I didn’t know. I try to dive deeply into subjects and read more in-depth credible online pieces, rather than random google searches. For broader topics, I look for guidance in a form I can easily ingest no matter how exhausted or depressed I feel. I could always sit down and watch a movie.

Documentaries have become a thing for me and my household. We watch a lot! I’m always interested in documentaries about interesting topics that could impact my child’s health. There are so many things on the front-lines of research and medicine that are important for my kid.

As a company, ANSHI recognizes a macro-shift happening in the medical, scientific, and spiritual worlds. More and more science is shedding light on, and scientifically backing, ancient wisdom and eastern medicine tools to keep, maintain, and regain health.

A few months ago I checked out the much talked about HEAL documentary. In the documentary, a blending of modern and ancient thoughts on how we battle chronic and acute illness in modern society is explored.  You can check out the trailer below.

Another great documentary is ‘The Science of Fasting’. Understanding the role the gut can play in treating and attacking things like cancer is mindblowing. A must watch. You can check out the trailer below.

Lastly, for stem cells, this is a really great overview recapping the science, history and future potential of stem cells for so many disorders and diseases that go untreated and with no cure. You can check out the trailer below.


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