Modern Versus Ancient Medicine - A Case For Both...

I’ll admit it. I am prone to overstating the benefits of ancient medicine practices without fully recognizing the power and profound impact Western gains in medicine has lent our society in the last 150+ years. 

Without antibiotics, the infection my daughter Raegan contracted would have killed her. Including the first and second sepsis. At 6 months post-fecal transplant (FMT), our family found ourselves back inpatient, and on antibiotics. I was terrified.  

Antibiotics are a defining and vital feature of modern medicine. Yet overuse, and a lack of understanding and education about preserving gut health, is causing a massive impact in clinical care – highlighting the need for breakthrough treatments like FMT (fecal matter transplants). However, getting a new microbiome won’t fix everything. Lifestyle changes, supporting the gut through the trauma of antibiotics and after, all these things are vital to gaining, regaining, and maintaining a healthy gut and keeping our immune system strong. 

Often its extreme cases like my kiddos that highlight gaping holes in our medical care. She has had one single infection that turned into three months on heavy antibiotics. It wasn’t her fault. Nor was it the fault of her genes. It was luck. Bad luck. But no one, not one person in 3 months in and out of ICU’s and antibiotics pumping mentioned the gut and how to prepare for what would come AFTER the medications stopped fighting infections. Right when our kids last Sepsis treatment ended, C Diff came back. 

Without the amazing trauma team in the Emergency Department at Rady Children's Hospital - and the A+ team in the ICU who do what they do, and then more to help patients live and thrive - Raegan would be DEAD. Without every doctor in a foreign ER that took the time to hear our story, understand the context, and treat my child – she wouldn't be here. 

Western medicine needs no justifications. It exists and countless lives every day are here because of it. We as people aim to promote, educate, and explore the realm that could impact chronic illness and break the cycle of acute trauma. Our country is just breaking ground, we as a society need to start to answering bigger questions of how we want to live, and feel and evolve. 

This is where ANSHI comes in. ANSHI is the combination of both ancient and modern medicine. We understand modern medicine is important or else my daughter would not be alive. We also understand ancient medicine as well. See the below video tutorial on how ANSHI works in action on my favorite little patient and kiddo Raegan below. 

So cheers to every nurse, doctor, and hospital administrator that believed in my kid. We are here – she is here – because you cared. Because you did your job. And you did it well.


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