Inside Korean Spa Culture

For New Yorkers and Angelenos Korean Spa’s are a well-known pastime. Well, now San Diegans can join in the movement thanks to Yu Spa, the area's newest and largest Korean spa.

 Yu Spa offers body scrubs, massages, body steams and an amazing cafe where you can get kimchi, fermented sourdough bread bowls, and sparkling vinegar drinks!

This was my first time inside a Korean spa and it was truly an unforgettable experience. To be immersed in a culture that has such beautiful traditions on health and well being was so refreshing. They believe that what you do to the outside of your body has great health impacts on the inside. This happens to be one of ANSHI’s core beliefs as well!

One of the reasons we include salt in all our rubs is we believe, like the Koreans, in the power of scrubbing to improve and maximize absorption. Hence why, when spa’ing Korean-style, you scrub, then soak in steam, salt, and clay rooms. We just incorporate that ‘scrub’ into one tiny body so you don't need the spa to utilize nature’s power medicine topically for fast-relief!

My favorites were the red clay sauna and Himalayan salt sauna which are known for their healing properties. They also have an ice room to finish off your treatments, bring your body back to normal temp and close your pores. Of course, we incorporated ANSHI into our day and used Detox Aloe after the steams and baths. My skin was like butter by the end of the day! 

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