How To Make a Natural Bath Soak with ANSHI & Your Favorite Essential Oils for Relaxation

Making a natural bath soak with ANSHI & your favorite essential oils is easy! ANSHI Classic Pink Salt is the whipped carrier blend that is the base of each ANSHI variety.  First, pick your favorite essential oils for relaxation and mix with ANSHI. Enjoy it as an exfoliating rub during your natural bath soak with the purest plant-based spa product you created yourself!! It will be a unique mineral bath experience, we assure you!
Simply take a tablespoon or more of ANSHI Classic Pink Salt and mix up to 10 drops of any high-grade essential oil. ANSHI is the carrier that replaces just plain coconut oil to allow you to use the maximum amount of oil needed for therapeutic benefit without risk of burning! We recommend rubbing in ANSHI while in the bath and letting the salt dissolve into the water for lasting relief. 
Customizing Classic Pink Salt with essential oil collections instantly upgrades your bath or shower to create a spa-like experience. Remember ANSHI can be a replacement for any other carrier oil you've used before (ie. coconut oil) that simply is greasy and isn't designed to maximize absorption of your oils. 
So many ideas, check out the one below using Lavender essential oil or Eucalyptus essential oil to promote sleep and glowing skin. 
Another fan-favorite is to use it to make an ideal 100% natural after-shave too! Just scoop and apply to any area after shaving in or outside the shower or bath! 
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