Expert Corner: Using Salt on Skin

Whenever my skin is lacking the glow I always desire or is feeling dry and uneven, I know it is time to exfoliate. In a perfect world, we should be exfoliating 1-3 times a week (depending on the product being used). This is especially true as we age and as our cells are regenerating at a slower rate. It is beneficial to use products to help shed the dead skin cells sitting on the upper layers of the epidermis.

One of the reasons we exfoliate is to help our targeted skin care (serums and treatments) penetrate deeper into the skin and to achieve a greater result. Otherwise, the products are just sitting on the skin's surface.

This is why I am such a huge fan of the ANSHI Transdermal Rubs. Through the use of pink Himalayan salt, the skin is lightly scrubbed allowing the nourishing ingredients to be absorbed into the skin. Through a gentle microdermabrasion process, the delivery of the ingredients is able to penetrate and deliver results fast in a completely natural way.

I am fascinated by our body's ability to absorb and utilize important nutrients topically and the research that is coming out. Especially for those who have compromised digestive systems. I have first-hand experience with this, specifically intestinal permeability or what is known as leaky gut syndrome. With this syndrome, the intestinal wall is compromised causing a whole host of problems including malabsorption. My son had this problem and even though I was feeding him healthy food and supplements, it was not able to absorb properly in his body. This is actually a common problem, which is why the topical application of nutrition is so exciting and helpful.

Himalayan salt and natural oils such as coconut and castor used in ANSHI possess penetration enhancing effects. Along with simply rubbing it onto the skin, it can also be used in the bath (my favorite!), used in the shower as a scrub and many other uses. For those of us looking to help treat a host of symptoms with safe products, transdermal delivery is an amazing way to go for quick and effective results.


Jess has been a licensed esthetician for 16 years and in the world of beauty for more than 20. Skincare is her passion. She has worked hands-on in spas, as an esthetician educator across the country, and is currently a key influencer for all things skin and beauty via her blog:

In 2012, Jess began to learn about the ways in which harsh and unnatural ingredients applied topically to the skin can be harmful to our bodies. She discovered the typical skin care product on the shelf had questionable ingredients, while the more natural products that were available, left her unimpressed. Utilizing her knowledge and vast expertise in the health and beauty industry, Jess began hand-crafting her own natural products with one goal in mind: modern beauty and pure results. 


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