ANSHI Cleansing Charcoal: Activated Charcoal Benefits for the Skin as a Charcoal Face Mask & More!

Charcoal benefits for the skin is all the rage over at ANSHI HQ! See why we are so excited to offer pure activated charcoal designed for the skin. Discover and use the best activated charcoal face mask or charcoal face mask scrub. With over 10+ ways to use wet or dry, ANSHI Cleansing Charcoal is an ideal natural acne treatment. Charcoal pulls out impurities fast and without irritation. As a charcoal face mask or charcoal face wash, daily use cleanses pores naturally without toxins or other harmful ingredients. 

Explore using ANSHI as a charcoal face mask cream or charcoal facial wash that feels simply amazing with only 6 plant-based ingredients including Pink Himalayan Salt. 

Not interested in charcoal face masks? Don't worry there's 9 other ways to use:

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