Cannabis Now: How One Canna-Mom Treats Her Daughter’s Rett Syndrome With Cannabis

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"One woman’s journey is emblematic of the larger disconnect between doctors and parents when it comes to pediatric cannabis treatments."

By Katie Way

When Janelle Noble Donovan’s daughter Raegan was diagnosed with Rett syndrome, a rare neurological disorder, and began suffering from seizures caused by an unrelated mass on her brain, she knew right away that she wanted to try to treat her child with cannabis.

The San Diego resident’s determination was bolstered by the fact that Raegan’s physicians didn’t have much to offer besides pharmaceuticals, which Donovan says failed to offer her daughter relief. 

Donovan, for her part, is still using cannabis in conjunction with dietary adjustments and other lifestyle changes to help her daughter live her best possible life. She’s also founded her own line of natural topical treatments, ANSHI. While the products don’t include cannabis, she says it’s a path she may not have pursued without cannabis, which she said was the first natural treatment she tried.

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Jayme Silvestri

Jayme Silvestri November 14, 2021

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