ANSHI's Big Reveal!

ANSHI is growing - we are having a baby!

A few weeks ago I got to celebrate the greatest gift - life! My husband Cris and I brought our loved ones together and found out if we are having a boy or a girl! Our theme was "Staches or Lashes" and we had the best time! We are so excited to announce we are having a baby girl.

ANSHI is already safe for babies and pregnant women alike. With only 5 base ingredients that are pure and natural, it’s a great all-around tool kit for improving how I feel every minute of the day!  I literally cannot imagine how I would have gotten through some of the hardest moments of early pregnancy without it. There are so many reasons ANSHI is great for women like me who are expecting so here are my top picks!

With ANSHI I can get relief in minutes from such a wide range of symptoms using natural, safe ingredients I can trust not to harm me or my baby! Here's some of my favorite uses.

  1. Headaches - I usually use our Nurturing Peppermint variety on the temples, neck, and back of neck and sometimes a combination of peppermint and turmeric if it's more severe. Literally relief in minutes. It’s saved me from headaches turning into dreaded migraines. Pretty great!
  2. Nausea - I rub Nurturing Peppermint under my nose, back of my neck and chest and stomach for fast relief any time of the day. I’ve also started showering with Peppermint scrub in the mornings I’m really bad and don’t think I can eat!
  3. Back pain - My hubby loves rubbing Total Healing Turmeric on me before bed and in the mornings so I can start my day off pain-free and get to work! I feel it working in minutes. I want to stay active and some days am on my feet all day, so it is pretty amazing how well this works to eliminate symptoms that could really slow me down and cause stress to the baby!
  4. Stretch marks & swelling - ANSHI Total Healing Turmeric has done wonders for swollen and tired feet. And for those pesky and annoying stretch marks I’m already starting to see, daily use is really working to eliminate those! Yes!

It helps a lot that there is already great research out there to boot on why our ingredients like peppermint are effective and safe. For example, an account on the effects of peppermint on nausea appeared in the September 1997 issue of the Journal of Advanced Nursing, in which gynecological patients were given peppermint oil to counter post-operative nausea. The patients reported less nausea and required fewer drugs to treat nausea. Peppermint is considered a safe treatment alternative for pregnant women with chronic headaches. Also, its antibacterial and antifungal benefits are just starting to be explored research-wise.

This pregnancy is coming at a time of so much greatness, in business and in life. That means I’m constantly balancing work and rest and staying really mindful of how I feel and treating symptoms quickly is how I stay centered and focused on what matters most! Can’t wait to share more on tips for using ANSHI while pregnant and after the baby arrives! What do you do to manage pregnancy symptoms? Chime into the comments below!

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