ANSHI + Simply Jess = The Perfect Team!

Mix and Match: Products We Love, Simply Jess Skincare

We at ANSHI know the importance of taking care of our skin. There are a growing number of organic, toxin-free skincare lines- but one of our favs to use alone and side by side with ANSHI is a brand called Simply Jess!

The Simply Jess line consists of an amazing toner, serum, deodorant (that really works!) and lip balm in mint and lavender (that won’t leave your lips drier than before you applied!)

Our co-founder and CEO Janelle loves using ANSHI's Total Healing Turmeric as a facial mask, wash and then scrub all in one (3 in 1). She applies our turmeric variety before showering, leaving turmeric on and washing off at the end of a shower. Then she follows it with the Simply Jess REPAIR Toner and the UNDO Serum. Her skin is medium oily so she doesn’t need a moisturizer on top of this 3 product regiment! It’s all about testing and building a regimen that works for you, for your specific needs- staying always toxin, paraben, and carb free. 


Personally, I have been using the REPAIR Toner every morning and evening, I love the protection from sun damage and it is so refreshing. After that, I apply the UNDO Serum which literally helps undo damage and dehydration while plumping up fine lines and wrinkles. To complete my new and improved routine, I finish it off by moisturizing with ANSHI's Detox Aloe. I've been getting compliments on my skin since beginning this combo of products. And compliments always nice to get.

These are just two examples of two combinations that work. What are some of your favorite all natural, simple combos? Let us know in the comments!

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