ANSHI Launches Total Healing Accessory Kit (7 Items)

Our hand-selected items complement any ANSHI variety.

Total Healing Accessory Kit Includes: (7 Items) 

1. The custom ANSHI hair towel can be used after applying any ANSHI variety as a nourishing and de-frizzing hair mask. Or for health uses post-seizure or for severe migraines.

2. Try the natural sea sponge when using any ANSHI variety as a gentle facial wash in the shower.

3. Don’t want to make a mess or need to wipe off some excess ANSHI? No worries, there’s a washcloth for that. Great for after foot or face masks with ANSHI Total Healing Turmeric!

4. The Korean scrub towel is used in the shower, wet, and scrubbed all over your body, feet, and head (not the face!), with any ANSHI variety.

5. A simple wooden spoon helps easily scoop out ANSHI with no mess.

6. Therapy foot booties give users a reason to try ANSHI on one of the most important areas of the human body - our feet (we recommend 30 minutes or more).

7. The three tea light candles set the tone for exploring intention setting or energy clearing.

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