"NATURAL BEAUTY" Holiday Gift Set With Simply Jess (20 Items)

$350 $445

$445 VALUE - SAVE $95!


Beauty gurus and skincare junkies listen up!

This gift set will impress even the most discerning with the delightful surprises it includes to make self-care easy, faster, and more natural.

With this set, you get two powerhouse brands with ANSHI packing the power of nature’s best plants in a highly concentrated form, and Simply Jess with delicate and handcrafted skincare formulations including a refreshing toner and a custom White Jade Gua Sha in addition to the brand new Vitamin C serum to renew and invigorate your facial skin in ways you never thought possible! 

Includes a Total Healing Accessory Kit which you can learn more about here!


"NATURAL BEAUTY" includes:

one 8 oz Total Healing Turmeric

one 8 oz ANSHI Detox Aloe

one 8 oz Nurturing Peppermint

one 8 oz Classic Pink Salt

one 8 oz Limited Edition Soothing Lavender

one Mini Variety Sampler

one ANSHI cooler bag

one Total Healing Accessory Kit (7 items)

one Simply Jess Repair Toner

one Simply Jess BOOST Vitamin C Complex

one Simply Jess White Jade Gua Sha

Includes five large 8 oz jars of ANSHI, one of each variety including our limited edition Soothing Lavender and a custom reusable cooler bag. Our 8 oz jars are ideal for daily users to enjoy all the benefits of ANSHI for chronic issues or using ANSHI in the shower or bath as a scrub!  


Mini Variety Sampler (4 items)

The Mini Variety Sampler comes wrapped for the holidays with 1 oz jars of Classic Pink Salt, Total Healing Turmeric, Detox Aloe, and Nurturing Peppermint. Slip this sleek gift into stockings or break it apart and gift minis individually for grandparents, teachers, and friends without breaking the bank! 

Simply Jess’s REPAIR toner is filled with targeted active ingredients to get your skin back to life. REPAIR toner contains powerful hydrating and protecting ingredients and is also filled with potent antioxidants. This toner protects from sun damage, hydrates for glowing skin, and repairs dehydrated and lackluster skin. 

Simply Jess’s BOOST vitamin c complex is a lightweight serum that delivers a powerful punch of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Designed to BOOST protection and boost your natural glow. The stable Vitamin C blend is potent without being irritating leaving your skin looking its best.

Simply Jess’s White Jade Gua Sha has a lifting and toning effect on the skin. It helps move and drain the lymph making it detoxifying. This can be helpful if you have puffiness because it helps with circulation. It also helps minimize the lines on your neck and face.


About Simply Jess Skincare: 

Simply Jess Skincare is an Orange County based brand that creates 100% natural skincare. Every product is naturally derived, highly concentrated, and most importantly, super performing! Every product was born out of a need to have a truly pure product that met Jess’s high standards for efficacy. With her background as an esthetician, she truly raises the bar when it comes to clean skincare.