Being 80 years old I didn’t realize my feet were swollen and it was impacting my walking. After one ANSHI Total Healing Turmeric use, I could see my veins in my feet and ankles!  My toenail fungus is improving too after continuing to use it every few days. Thank you ANSHI! -

Charles N. Retired Coach and Teacher


“I used ANSHI's Detox Aloe rub on my one-year-old son’s very angry red diaper rash and it helped significantly reduce the inflammation and the rash disappeared within two days. I [also] used ANSHI's Nurturing Peppermint rub on my five-year-old daughter when she has a bad chest cold. I rubbed it on her chest, back, and feet. Within 24 hours she started to feel better and I noticed her cough and congestion was less.” -Melissa M. (mother who uses ANSHI on her children)


"Anshi has the most remarkable transdermal delivery system ever developed!! Due to rapid degradation in the stomach and size-limited transport across the epithelium, most therapeutic compounds are not delivered by the oral route. Anshi solves this problem with a unique transdermal delivery system that provides 100% absorption with no side effects! Anyone can benefit from the natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties of this extraordinary rub. Anshi also contains organic and anti-aging ingredients that have been laboratory tested for purity and potency, the highest standard in the industry!  I highly recommend this remarkable and revolutionary product!"  Dr. Kasia Przechodzka


"I had a horrible migraine yesterday and used the peppermint on my forehead and back of my neck. It definitely made a difference (and fairly quickly). It didn’t make it go away completely but I didn’t have the normal nausea, auras, or as severe pain. Thank you!"  Sharon T.


"I love using the Detox aloe on my son’s belly each night, I feel like it helps keep everything regular for him and he enjoys his nightly belly rub. I also love the smell!"  Jessica I


"FYI: your ANSHI turmeric is UNBELIEVABLE. Pete broke his back and is in quite a bad state. Your Total Healing Turmeric has completely started the blood circulating in the areas that are injured. No joke. He felt a difference right away and I can visually see the blood that had pooled in his inner thigh start to break up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  Cristina (for her husband, Pete, who broke his back)  


"I accidentally burned my arm and finger- thankfully I had ANSHI Detox Aloe and applied it immediately. It made the burn feel better instantly and a day later, it is much better-smaller area of redness and most importantly no pain! I am wowed by the healing taking place! I will continue to apply it frequently and know it is helping me heal much quicker than without ANSHI!"  Sylvia N.


"I have been battling a rash on my backside for as long as I can remember. I live in a warm climate and I work in yoga. Needless to say, I couldn’t win. I had tried neem oil (bearing through its horrible smell), athletic sprays, prescriptions creams…nothing worked! Barely any improvement for a short time. I was at loss and not happy to go to the beach in my Brazilian bikinis! Then came ANSHI. First I was over the moon this product is 100% pure and natural, as I am working hard to rid my life of toxic ingredients. I was drawn to it because of the mention of turmeric, soothing skin and inflammation.  Within a matter of days, my rash subsided. I am now left with just a few light blemishes! I also started to use on my ankles when they swell as well. I am one happy, satisfied, blemish-free, less inflamed camper!"   - Susan S.


"Last July I woke up to a rash around my nose and mouth.  

As the days went by it spread and I tried every natural remedy I could discover. Everything helped a little but it remained until I tried Anshi turmeric. The next day I saw a difference and within the week it was gone. Now if I suspect it’s returning I use it right away and it’s gone.  Thank you!!"   - Wendy M. 


"Ronn and are I are true believers in ANSHI Total Healing Turmeric. Over 90% of joint pain gone in my two problem areas and his feet are feeling fantastic!"   - Dr. Jennifer Shaw


"I am OBSESSED with your Total Healing Turmeric rub! It relieves my lower back pain and menstrual cramps just about instantly - much faster and more effectively than any over the counter or prescription pain relief I've tried. I'm so happy to have finally found something that truly works, without the side effects of traditional medication. This stuff is the best!"   - Lisa M.


"We live in New York, where the mosquitos are absolutely brutal during the summer months.  My 12-year-old daughter's legs were covered in red, inflamed bites, and she was having trouble sleeping because of the pain and itching.  I slathered her legs in Detox Aloe, told her to put on a pair of leggings, and hoped for the best.  Thank you, ANSHI, for a good night's sleep, and the very pleasant surprise of waking up to legs that were no longer red and swollen. Great product, thank you, Anshi!"   -  David J.


"Hi again, I wanted to let you know about another incredible experience I recently had with one of your Transdermal Rubs.  I found two painful skin tags on my upper abdomen, that were becoming irritated from being rubbed by my sports bra. I mixed a drop of tea tree oil into the Classic Himalayan Salt version and rubbed it into each of the skin tags and covered them with a band-aid. When I removed the band-aids the next morning, the skin tags were dried up and had fallen off - and I was left with smooth skin.  I can't thank you enough, your products are so wonderful and I'm looking forward to finding new uses for them!"   - Lisa M.


"Miraculous!  My daughter has had a patch of itchy cradle cap on her head for months - we've tried everything, from switching shampoos, to topical prescription creams, but nothing has helped.  I read that ANSHI's Nurturing Peppermint can be used to treat itchy scalps, so I began rubbing it into her scalp after her baths. No kidding, the dry, flaky skin that I thought would NEVER go away is gone without a trace, after only a few days of applications."   - Caroline


"My boyfriend woke up with a bad cold last week - major sinus and head congestion, chest congestion, achy, low energy, and just overall feeling under the weather. He also suffers from severe tinnitus - ear ringing and ear pain - and his cold triggered his tinnitus and the area above his ear was very sore.
I had some of the Classic Himalayan Salt ANSHI. In the evening, I rubbed it on his chest, and on his head and the area above his ear that was in pain. I added peppermint oil for extra soothing and healing.
He woke up the next morning feeling DRAMATICALLY better!!!! His congestion was almost all gone, and his achy-ness had subsided!!!! And his ear, which had been majorly bothering him for weeks, felt totally better!!!! And has CONTINUED to feel good for the past week! He has been suffering for weeks, and this is the FIRST it has felt better and for this long in weeks!!!!
This stuff is INCREDIBLE!!!!
Thank you Anshi and your magical healing powers!!! Very grateful." - Wendy T


"I finally went back to the gym after taking a break during my final exams - and wow, I could barely move my arms and legs the next morning. After limping around the house for a few minutes,  I decided to give ANSHI's Turmeric Rub a try. I started to feel better right away.  Within minutes, most of my soreness was gone and I could go on with my day, without pain.  Thank you!"   - Madison (high school student)



“Love the product! Using [Classic Himalayan Salt] on my knee to heal my scar…”- Jill L. (recovering from knee replacement surgery)


"Anshi is the most amazing thing ever! There is no product out there like it! It’s all [natural] and great on any skin. They have different combinations that help with different problems you might be having with your body. I’ve tried the Turmeric [rub] for inflammation and it works wonders! Highly recommend you won’t be disappointed!” - Kate C. (college student)