Topical Rub, Shower Scrub & Bath Soak

Limited Edition Soothing Lavender | Body & Face | with 10+ Ways to Use - Wet or Dry!


ANSHI offers the best lavender rub for stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Limited Edition Soothing Lavender is a natural insect repellant and offers bug bite relief. Lavender oil benefits include: cools hot flashes, stops hiccups, relaxes muscles, soothing shower scrub, calming rashes, relaxes teeth grinding and TMJ. This all natural rub also helps promote sleep and offers relaxation and natural stress and anxiety relief.

50% of Profits To Families Impacted By Rett


Medium: 4oz jar

Large: 8oz jar

This year we are excited to bring you ANSHI Soothing Lavender in honor of Claire. Claire lived and died with Rett Syndrome just this past year. Claire loved Imagine Dragons, middle school, and always loved her ANSHI Classic Pink Salt with lavender oil added. Her mom Colleen would use it to relieve stressors all over herself and Claire.

Follow more about Claire and honor her life with #ClairesGreatAdventure on social media. ANSHI of course has its roots at the hospital bedside of our founder and CEO's daughter, Raegan - who also has Rett Syndrome - a rare and debilitating condition. Claire's family hopes to bring more attention and raise critical funds to support families with Rett in tons of ways with the money raised through the sales of Soothing Lavender

ANSHI supports a vibrant community of ideas on why and how to use our simple, natural products. Some ideas that come directly from our customers for Soothing Lavender: anxiety reducer, tension/TMJ reliever, chest and neck & nose stress symptom relief, fast hiccup relief, itchy bug bite relief, soothing shower scrub, relieves chronic stressors via the feet, spine, and armpits. 

How to use:

Dab for anxiety relief and rub behind neck, temples, and forehead, under the nose and around the ears and jaw lines, leave on. For overall stress relief apply to chest and inhale deeply 3 times while rubbing down spine and sternum, leave on. Take out 1 TSP and apply under armpits, and scrub all over the body in the shower for a soothing and refreshing shower experience, or try as a bath soak anytime. For hiccups, apply under the nose and inhale for a few minutes. Dab and rub for near-instant relief of bites and rashes! For body, adjust amounts up to a tablespoon depending on your use like a tablespoon for instance as a shower scrub! Pro tip- rub until salt is fully absorbed into the skin!

* note: our product appears shiny after initial application - but absorbs fully into the skin - just be patient



Therapeutic grade ingredients: 

Ingredients: ANSHI CLASSIC PINK SALT (coconut oil, castor oil, pink Himalayan salt, vitamin E oil, beeswax) + 100% pure lavender essential oil


We do everything to keep your products at a good temperature during shipping but if your ANSHI arrives melted simply pop it in a cool room or fridge to harden. As a natural product, we harden and soften depending on the temperatures we are kept in. But we still work! Store in a cool dry place when possible! 

Learn more about how temperature can affect ANSHI's consistency here.

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