Mini Variety Sampler

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This year’s most coveted gift is here.

The Mini Variety Sampler comes wrapped for the holidays with a 1 oz jar of Classic Pink Salt, Total Healing Turmeric, Detox Aloe, and Nurturing Peppermint.

Slip this sleek gift into stockings or break it apart and gift minis individually for grandparents, teachers, friends, and anyone else you want to show appreciation to this holiday season without breaking the bank!

With ANSHI minis, exploring natural medicine is simple with easy-to-follow directions and suggestions for over 40 ways to use the line rinsed off or left on! This Mini Variety Sampler is an ideal way to try out ANSHI for specific uses and then upgrade later on to a medium or large jar.

Total Healing Turmeric is great for skin irritations, inflammation, and pain.

We recommend Nurturing Peppermint for cold and flu-like symptoms as well as for headaches and migraines.

Detox Aloe is a fan favorite for dry or cracked skin and healing scars and stretch marks.

Classic Pink Salt is the most versatile and can be turned into a personalized rub or shower scrub with your favorite essential oil.

These variety samplers will not last, order today! 

 "Mini Variety Sampler" Includes:

one Total Healing Turmeric mini 1 oz jar

one Detox Aloe mini 1 oz jar

one Nurturing Peppermint mini 1 oz jar

one Classic Pink Salt mini 1 oz jar