"HEALING VORTEX" Holiday Gift Set With Draya Love (17 Items)

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The "HEALING VORTEX" Holiday Gift Set is sure to impress for all the right reasons! Perfect for anyone looking to try ANSHI along with getting some fun and creative tools to explore healing modalities and self-care in new ways.

This gift comes complete with one-on-one time with local San Diego author Draya Love. Included is an Aura reading, an intention-setting guide, and a signed book to explore the deeper levels of self in a super easy format to read. Gift ANSHI with the intention to heal yourself or someone you love. This set is unique and will find its way to those who need it most! 

This holiday season we bring you custom-designed gift sets featuring unique products, custom gift wrapping, and lots of ANSHI! Our team handpicks each item featured and packs every gift set with love and care just for you! 


"HEALING VORTEX" includes:

one 8 oz ANSHI Detox Aloe

one 8 oz Total Healing Turmeric

one 8 oz Classic Pink Salt

one 8 oz Nurturing Peppermint

one 8 oz Limited Edition Soothing Lavender

one Total Healing Accessory Kit 

one ANSHI cooler bag

one Clear Quartz Crystal

signed copy of “love letter to my life. Healing” by Draya Love

one-on-one Quantum Aura and Chakra Reading with Draya Love

one Intention Setting Guide from Draya Love


Includes 5 large 8 oz jars, one of each variety-  including our Limited Edition Soothing Lavender. Plus get a custom reusable cooler bag to spread healing and good energy all season long! Explore over 50+ ways to use ANSHI - for beauty or health, rinsed off in the shower or bath or left on with this unique set that gently guides the recipient on all the ways to use nature to heal. 


Crystal Quartz Point: This powerful crystal supports creating a new vision, new beginnings. Crystal Quartz represents clarity, light, reflection, and amplification. Infuse any space with the energy of attraction and prosperity held by this powerful stone. Remember to set out your crystals during full moons to cleanse. 


Draya Love’s Book “love letter to my life. Healing.” is a raw, unformed, free-thought flow work that delves into the plight of healing oneself and loving oneself. Raw and easy to jump around with practical tips to guide readers down a path of true discovery and acceptance necessary for true healing. 


Draya Love’s Intention Setting Guide: Learn about intentions, how to create them, ritual suggestions, and more.

Draya Love’s Quantum Aura and Chakra Reading: 30 minute Aura reading via Zoom with Draya Love includes a full reading through the Healy frequency device to explore your unique chakras balance and energy concentrations. This is a super rare, awesome opportunity to connect with a great healer and guide while exploring ANSHI and all that natural medicine has to offer! 


About Draya Love: Originally from Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, Draya found herself working in corporate America from the age of 16 until she was 39 and had to go on disability. Healing from a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, lupus, and type-A corporate mentality was her top priority. After a series of life-changing events including divorce and moving around she found herself delving into her healing journey to find herself...what she needed, wanted, deserved... what her soul had been craving for so long. Now she helps others heal through coaching, soul decoding, quantum healing, and her book on helping people wake up in the middle of their life and connect the pieces.