Applying Turmeric on Body with ANSHI + Hot Stones + Giveaway!

Applying Turmeric on Body with ANSHI can have dramatic effects you both FEEL and SEE. We believe the life-altering results our customers and fans experience daily breakdown the barriers traditional Health and Beauty or Consumer and OTC categorizations present.

Corporate America, consumers, and the scientific community at large may just be wrong on this one sorry. The time has come for multipurpose to come back and in a big way. Using a product in many ways (health, beauty/pet, human/ pain, eczema, facial wash, etc) has bottom line impact to both your health, mind and spirit by saving you money while empowering you to self-heal.
ANSHI is turmeric for skin
ANSHI and products like it extend beyond just the earth (hello climate change..) and our wallets (not buying 20 products by getting a single jar of ANSHI monthly...) but also our minds and spirits shift positively. Read ANSHI at whatever level you want but something simple, high concentration, safe, and fast acting is simply a danger to the status quo. When we remember our own power to self-heal and nature + modern life presents simple affordable access to knowledge and products it is a beautiful thing. 
Our latest gift set and giveaway is super unique! You could win 1 single 8oz jar of Total Healing Turmeric to use in combination with a brand new Hot Stone Massage Therapy Kit. Explore the ancient techniques of healing  anytime you feel like it or bring this gift set to your next massage. You will not regret this as we love this at ANSHI as a biohack to make the impact of your massage go from days to weeks or months. 

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Remembering ANSHI is a simple (yet extremely versatile), 6 ingredient product that features a single plant is important. Also that the plant is present in high concentration (3-6% and most natural products do not go above 1% with esential oils mostly found in combination). ANSHI is designed for maximum absorption via the skin through the power of microdermabrasion using a small ratio of pink salt we feature that intutively guides first-time users on how long to rub for when first applying ANSHI at farmers markets.
My neighboring vendors have to hear me repeat over and over "rub until you feel the salt fully should feel mostly smooth, not grainy like when you first apply..." ANSHI presents a single plant at a time for human use on the skin. Users, customers, fans decide from there what that means.


As this video explains of you win this amazing gift set make sure to simply use a crock pot or slow cooker or pot on the stove to heat the stones about an hour before use.

Make sure to have a towel on hand (we include one in the gift set of course) to drop the stones for a quick tap and check on temperature before putting a quarter size of ANSHI Turmeric on the stone and applying to the area in need and/or all over the spine, head and feet during a full body massage. Take the kit and jar of Turmeric to your local massage place and have them use it for you and for under $50 experience a whole new level of relaxation of results that take a massages impact from days to weeks or months. 

Wow indeed. :)

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